Composing A Good Problem Solution Essay In An Hour

If you have to write a problem solution essay then you may be wondering how to get the work done quickly. In fact, if you need to get the work done as a matter of urgency, or you simply have too many other things to do in order to spare too much time to dedicate towards the work, then you may be wondering if it is possible to produce a paper within an hour.

Essentially, it is entirely possible to write an academic paper within an hour, as long as it is short, and you are as efficient as possible with your time. However, if the work that you need to do is a long assignment, such as a dissertation, then your chances of getting the work done within the space of an hour will be almost zero. Therefore, the following solutions refer to relatively short essays, such as those that may only need to be a page or two in length.

Producing a quick plan

Even though you don’t have much time, it can still be beneficial to spend the first few minutes producing a quick plan. As part of your plan you will need to think of what problem it is that you wish to refer to, and any solutions that you may wish to write about. For example, if you are writing a five paragraph essay, then you may need to think of two different arguments to back up why you have chosen a particular solution.

These arguments will be discussed in the first two paragraphs of the body section. Furthermore, you may wish to think of a few further arguments that you can include in the third paragraph of the body section. Although these may not be the solutions that you propose, by including ideas that you feel are not as appropriate as the solution that you have chosen, it can help to back up any point that you try to make relating to why the solution you have chosen will be most effective.

Writing the introduction and conclusion

As you can see from the information about writing a quick plan, the body section of a five paragraph essay will provide various details about the solution to any problem that you have proposed. However, you will need to inform the reader of what the problem was in the first place, and this should be done in the introduction section. Finally, the conclusion will draw upon any points made in both the body section and the introduction, so as to finalise the essay.


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