A List of Great Social Psychology Essay Topics: Facilitating Your Studying Process

Social Psychology is the study of how an individual’s behaviors, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by the imagined, implied, or real presence of others. When you are asked to write an essay on a topic in this field, it is helpful to have a list of topics. Knowing what topics care considered to be in the field of social psychology is important. You have to make sure that you write about a relevant topic.

One great way to approach this assignment is to write about some of the major topics that are investigated by social psychologists in their research. They relate to the social influence, interaction, and perception. Let’s look through these various topics to see if we can come up with some good topics to write your essay on.

Attitudes and Changes in Attitudes

You can write your paper in regards to attitudes and changes in attitudes. You can study how attitudes develop and the various components of attitudes. There are three main components of attitude which include a behavioral component, a cognitive component, and an affective component.

Aggression and Violence

Discuss how and why people portray violence or act in an aggressive manner. Determine whether aggression is caused by influence from the media or from social elements.

Social Cognition

Social cognition deals with how we process, store, and apply social information. Its main focus is on our general perceptions about the world called schemas. It looks at how things work.


All social groups experience some prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping. Talk about the various causes and effects of stereotypes or prejudice. You can also look at how these ideas are developed. It is hard for individuals to not make prejudgments against others. Even if this is not done with malice, it is still done. You can talk about how to prevent these prejudgments from leading to discrimination. Because of past associations some people will make conclusions about others before getting to know them.

Social Identity

Another interesting topic in the field of Social Psychology is social identity. This involves our perceptions of ourselves. Take a look at how these perceptions are developed and how they affect interactions with others. Some factors that affect our social experience are self-esteem, self-expression and self-awareness.

These are some great topics to get you started. You can start by exploring the general topics and then narrow these down until you have a specific enough topic to write your essay.


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