Comparative Essay Examples: Where To Find The Best Ones

A comparative essay, also known as compare and contrast is used to show the similarities between two given places, people, animals, objects or concepts. The reason that contrast is often included is to create a more balanced analysis that also gives a sense of how these similar things differ.

As a first time essay writer or even one who has become accustomed to the process but might just need a little help, you might benefit from seeing how others deal with this essay type. To achieve this, you should look for sample pieces that have been exceptionally well put together. Here are a few tips on where you can begin your search:

  • Libraries
  • To older adult students, this will seem like an obvious answer but many people born in the late nineties and beyond are prone to underestimate how many resources a brick and mortar library can contain. By speaking one on one with the library’s staff, you can get a chance to access sample papers that may not have yet been uploaded to the internet.

  • Friends with good writing styles
  • Sometimes the person who is most willing to share their work with you may not necessarily be the best writer to learn from. He or she may have a greater sense of pride in his or her work than it deserves and you need to be able to recognize that. In any case, there will be people who are good writers who will gladly share their work with you and explain it as well.

  • Teaching staff
  • Just as a library could have several essays that you could access in hard copy, your teacher or professor should have kept some sample pieces over the years. These would be intended for later students to use as an example to format their own work.

  • The world wide web
  • The internet is full of resources for the student who wants to do well. These come in the form of games, books and even samples of good writing. Make sure that you only use trusted sites. A website can easily claim to have curated its literary content from only the best sources when in fact the majority of it is poorly written or even nonsensical. Be mindful that there are even people who seek to personally mislead others in need of help.

While a sample can be very helpful, it should never become your academic crutch.


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