10 Rules For Composing A Great Critical Analysis Essay

A critical analysis essay is also known as a book review or a critique. Students may have seen examples of this type of writing in the newspaper for recently published novels. In class, English and literature teachers love to assign critical analysis essays. To get a top score, students should use the following tips.

  1. Read It
  2. The first tip is to actually read the book. It sounds amazing, but many students do not actually read the material before they write a critical analysis essay.

  3. Take Notes
  4. Students should not count on being able to find a quote later on. If the student wants to remember something, they should write it down or highlight it in the text.

  5. Read Through Examples
  6. The best way to learn about any type of writing is to read examples of it first.

  7. Pick an Interesting Book
  8. If the student has the option to choose their own novel, they should pick something that interests them. It can take hours or days to read a book and write a critical analysis essay, so students need to pick a topic that they actually enjoy.

  9. Read the Prompt
  10. Before writing anything, the student should read through the prompt. By doing this, the student can make sure that they have actually followed the teacher's instructions.

  11. Create an Outline
  12. The best way to create a logical, coherent argument is to make an outline. Before writing the paper, students should make sure that they have figured out the entire structure of their argument.

  13. Set Daily Milestones
  14. Writing a 10,000 word paper can be daunting. Rather than sit down and write thousands of words at once, students should set daily goals to write a few hundred words. By doing this, the student can quickly and easily finish their assignment.

  15. Take a Break
  16. Once the student has finished writing, they should set the document aside for a few days. By approaching the paper with a fresh perspective, the student will be better able to spot mistakes or errors.

  17. Edit Thoroughly
  18. Students should never hand the assignment in to their teacher immediately. Instead, the student needs to take some time to edit the document for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. They should also make sure that they have cited every quote correctly and formatted it according to the writing prompt.

  19. Include a Name
  20. Although teachers continuously remind students to do this, many students still forget to put their name on the assignment. Before submitting it, students should check one last time to make sure that they wrote their name on every page.


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