Violence And Death At The Core Of Hemingway's Stories

Death and violence in the 20th century American literature have been two major striking themes that have overly defined it. The violence demonstrated is in a sense individualistic based on its religion against, moral, cultural, traditional literary and social conventions. On a different note, it is a study of national vernacular so that writers could write in a manner that is entirely American. It is also defined through its diversity, brutality, more violence, death and more outlook and liberation, heterogeneous worlds, more scientific techniques and cosmopolitan in its confines. One of such writers is American novelist and a winner of the Noble Prize, Ernest Miller Hemingway who put himself into this towering frame that later came to be known as Hemingwayan style that was characterized by ideological thematic concerns like those of love and death, code of moral, neostoicism, Man the Sinner, violence and brutality, Grace under pressure and the resolve of desire.

The start of realism came increasingly following the civil war between the agricultural south and the industrial north. Afterwards during the 20th century an opposing tendency began as a reaction of realism that compromised the various kinds of repudiation of external objectivity that included psychological fiction, impressionism, symbolism, neo-romanticism, neostoicism and other kinds of anti-realistic experiments. Through his stylistic devices and those of others, regardless of the common cynicism, contemporary America is increasingly creative in literature particularly in the form of novels. Many people like Ernest Hemmingway took the nature of expatriation. These violence and death scenes attracted Hemmingway along with others through Europe with its absence of traditionalism and its more complicated attitudes during literary production particularly on novels.

Death and violence are very crucial aspects of the literary works by Hemmingway. Through them, he effectively communicates revolution, the society of America that became more homogenous and mobile. He was also able to highlight important subjects of regionalism that was the dominant mode in the literature during the 19th century overlooked by many and present in literary works of other few writers. He is one of the American writers who created great influence on world literary works. Following the world war, brutality and horrific activities covered the minds of people and it was important to record such events for future generations. The imagination of Americans was greatly impacted by the violence and death that they saw. These were drastic changes in the society and rebellion developments in fiction that people could relate with both in the present times and in the future because literature is a reflection of the society.


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