A Creative Approach To Writing An Essay About Health

It is vital to know how to keep yourself healthy and how to make good choices in your life. When you write an essay about health, you have to focus on the important things so your colleagues become interested in what you write. It’s not easy to find a topic that is worth discussing, so we got some ideas for you. Here are the most creative topics that you can write about:

  • Are vaccines dangerous? This is a very controversial subject in the last years, and more and more parents refuse to vaccinate their children. While some doctors believe that this is a wise move, others are strongly against it and believe that this can endanger the children.
  • Child obesity. It is not uncommon to see children eating fast-food with their parents, and this is what triggered the obesity crisis that we are facing right now. What should the teachers do to warn the parents regarding the dangers of obesity?
  • Hygiene in school. Very often, it’s not enough for children to wash their hands, because they will still get in contact with germ and bacteria at school. However, only a few schools have disinfecting solutions for every student. What is your opinion?
  • School lunch. In some countries, children eat their lunch at school, but very often the food there is not healthy or appropriate for young students. What should be on the menu and what should be prohibited?
  • How to build your immunity with natural supplements? Lately, we are bombarded with advertisements that tell us how important it is to take some pills and strengthen our immunity. However, we can do this only by eating the right things.
  • Is dieting safe for teenage girls? When you are overweight, it’s normal to want to keep a diet so you can lose the extra pounds. On the other hand, many teenage girls think they have a weight problem even when they are healthy and slim. Should the parents interfere in this?
  • Sports classes in schools. In many schools, children don’t have to attend sports classes, therefore they don’t get enough physical exercise and they start to have weight problems. Do you think that introducing a sport class per week can solve this problem? What do students think about this? What about the professors? Write your personal opinion at the end.


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