Fresh Ideas For Discursive Essay Topics: 40 Suggestions From An Expert

If you have been asked to write a discursive essay and you are wondering what to write about then the 40 expert suggestions below should help you.

Furthermore, as well as the expert suggestions listed, the following advice should help you to think of further topics of your own. Essentially, discursive essay writing is similar to that of persuasive or argumentative writing, so if you can think of a relevant topic for a persuasive paper then it will probably be relevant for a discursive essay as well.

  1. Excluding either of the two World Wars, which was the most destructive war in history?
  2. Who was the world’s worst dictator?
  3. Should chemical weapons be used by armed forces in the event of war?
  4. Despite the obvious condemnation that human medical experiments carried out by the Nazis can receive, did they have a positive effect for the future of humanity?
  5. Should governments interfere in economic markets?
  6. Should the bankers who helped cause the global financial downturn receive bonuses?
  7. Are house prices too high?
  8. Should young children learn about religion as part of their education in school?
  9. Have we learned from the persecution of the Jews during the Second World War or our current “Islamiphobic” feelings mirroring what happened during the 30s and early 40s in Nazi Germany?
  10. Should marriage be reserved only for religious people?
  11. Are Catholic priests statistically more likely to be pedophiles than the rest of the population?
  12. Is the United States’ educational system failing young people?
  13. Is it important for young people to properly learn a new language as part of their education?
  14. Should young people be educated about safe sex, at school?
  15. Do the winners off walls and battles accurately write the history of what happened?
  16. Did the Russian Revolution of 1917 improve living standards?
  17. Was the space race of the 50s and 60s worth it?
  18. Should all modern houses be built to be environmentally friendly?
  19. Are modern engineering methods as efficient as possible?
  20. Is it ever acceptable to experiment on animals?
  21. Should Internet trolls receive tough prison sentences when caught bullying other people?
  22. Have smartphones have a positive effect on society?
  23. Should more done to police the Internet?
  24. Are modern technological devices built to last?
  25. Do young people do enough sport?
  26. Should the government provide extra funding than it already does for less popular sports?
  27. Should the rules of dangerous sports be changed to protect participants?
  28. Is white-collar crime worse than blue-collar crime?
  29. Is it right for the crime of rape to be differentiated in relation to its severity in the eyes of the criminal justice system?
  30. Should small business owners be given tax breaks?
  31. Do big businesses pay enough in tax?
  32. Should the poorest in society have to pay income tax?
  33. Should scientists be paid more?
  34. Should countries spend more on science than they do on military spending?
  35. Should all countries provide free healthcare?
  36. Should young people learn more about nutrition and healthy cooking whilst at school?
  37. Does devolution exist?
  38. Do people misunderstand what a scientific theory is?
  39. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  40. Should men be protected more than they currently are in relation to domestic violence?


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