The Importance of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is important to the survival of anyone. It is a necessary component to daily activities, one which keeps your body and mind healthy and functioning at its best. Schools which integrate physical fitness requirements offer students a better chance to enhance their physical fitness as well as their mental abilities. Schools are offering children a chance to learn valuable lifetime skills. Of course, with that there is a need for coaches too who can cultivate those skills.

Currently there is a huge growth in terms of sports in school, as a means of enhancing physical fitness. People are beginning to care more about their health as they begin to watch sports. Sports have become a popular source of entertainment. Many popular companies are beginning to sponsor individual athletes or sports teams. This is important because financing a sports team is one of the biggest issues. When corporations establish sponsor contracts, the players receive bigger rewards.

In terms of a coaching philosophy the most important factors include learning never to stop learning. The next factor is remaining a constant role model for the athletes whom you serve. As a coach it is imperative that you remain a leader. The coaches are important component for an athletic team, whose responsibility includes making sure that each player feels as though they are a part of the team. The coaches have to take advantage of each opportunity to teach and demonstrate lessons such as teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship for each player. Success as a coach will only come if the coach is able to motivate the team members to always do their best, rather than always win. The coach needs to continually share their knowledge with their players.

As a coach it is imperative that each player is given a role and that they are encouraged in that role. It is the responsibility of the coach to enjoy the coaching experience. If the coach is unhappy, then it takes away from the experience of the children. Success is not based solely on winning, but rather, on making progress, on giving something the best effort, and learning and improving at the end of the day. Above all else, effort is the most important factor for athletes and coaches. Sports are unique in that they bring people together who would not normally associate. For many students, they are quite young and as such, they are in need of the many benefits associated with sports.


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