The Greatest Salesman In The World

The Greatest Salesman in the world is a book by Og Mandino, published first in 1968 and re issued by Bantam in 1983. The book serves as guidance to salesmanship philosophy and success, it tells a story of a camel boy who is poor but achieves an abundant life. The author went on to suggest a reading format for the book which he approximated at about ten months. With the suggestion being to read each scroll three times a day for thirty days which translates to ten months for the whole book.

The legend of the ten scrolls

The main message from his legendary work was to build good habits by use of repetitive actions. He insist of acting now rather than later whereby in scroll 9 the phrase ‘I will act now’ is written 18 times an indication of what is required of us not to forget the good habits instead we should always continue building your good habits. The scrolls are; today I will start a new life, with my heart filled with love I will greet this day, to succeed I will have to persist, nature’s greatest miracle is me, I will live this day as if it’s my last, today I will master my emotions, I will enjoy the power of laughter, I will multiple my value each day, everything is useless without action, I will act now and I will pray to God to ask for guidance.

The second part

The second part of the book was set forty years after the first part. Here the protagonist, Hafid, is in a sad state after the loss of his wife. Hafid is left lacking enthusiasm despite having stature in the society and wealth that resulted from his embracing of the ten scrolls. In the end Hafid creates new scrolls for prosperity. The ten scrolls are; I will never again pity myself, without the map I will never greet the dawn, I will bath my day with the golden glow of enthusiasm, I will never again be disagreeable to another living soul, in every adversity I will always seek the seed of triumph, I will always perform every task to the best of my best, I will always throw myself into the task at hand , never again will I hope and wait for an opportunity to embrace me, every night I will examine the deeds of my day and I will always maintain contact with my creator through prayers.


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