Basic Advice On Writing A Biographical Narrative Essay

In the academic world, students tend to encounter four types of writing assignments throughout their academic career. Many students have no problem mastering the persuasive writing, the descriptive writing, or the expository writing, but the narrative still proves to be a challenge for many. Because many students lack a great deal of experience with this type of task, they have no idea where to begin. Below are some basic pieces of advice for writing a biographical narrative essay:

  1. Try to tell a story. Your goal here is to write about the life of someone, and therefore you want to tell a story about them. Include details such as events, people, or places that might have influenced the person about whom you are writing. Try and include as many details as you can so that the reader gets the feeling that they are there, watching everything unfold before their eyes.
  2. Have purpose to your work. Telling a story is only part of the purpose. The other part is to teach the reader something about the person whom you are sharing. You want to share a point or purpose that makes your final piece interesting and entertaining to the reader.
  3. Try and organize the contents of your final piece chronologically. With the biographical piece you are chronicling someone’s life and life moves in a chronological fashion, therefore the final piece you produce should as well. Only the introduction and conclusion are exempt from this rule just because of the nature of their design.
  4. Have a thesis. Your final work should have a thesis the same as any other piece of writing. Almost all writing you complete will be somewhat persuasive by nature, and therefore you want to produce a claim, or thesis for your work. This claim needs to be found within the introduction paragraph and it should give your readers appreciation for why you are writing about this person.
  5. Try to include actual locations and names. If you are writing your piece about a person you know, include their entire name. Once you use their full name, you can continue to refer to them throughout the rest of your piece by just their last name. Never refer to a biographical figure by just the first name as this will come across as very disrespectful. You want to include the names of anyone else involved in their story too.


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