Academic paper writing: observing the main writing rules

The main writing Rules of ALL Academic Papers

First, you must have a thesis statement.

You must have a sentence, typically at the end of paragraph one, that has a solid thesis, telling the reader exactly your

As Far as Citing Papers Correctly, There are Rules Based on The Discipline You Are Writing Within: Humanities versus Everything Else

Imitating just any paper on the web can be dangerous. For example, all research papers follow a strict format.

Citing MLA Based Papers

Which subjects use MLA citation?

For the humanities-related subjects such as art history, music appreciation, rhetoric and composition, English composition, literary analysis and appreciation, introductory classes to English, history, or any other humanity—all of these classes will use the Modern Language Association (MLA) style of citation.

These types of essays priveledge the author and the page number of the quote you are using and have do not use a comma between them in parenthesis, like this:

How Do You Use a Quote in APA format?

As the author adds, “William Faulkner’s books will be discussed not just for decades but forever” (Smith p. 42).

Why Some Subjects Require APA or MLA So You Will Know What To Look For Based on Your Class and Subject

The American Psychological Association (APA) style is used for all science related subjects and basically all subjects except the ones mentioned above.

Now, some schools use APA all the time. Just ask your instructor.

For the (APA) style, the reader wants to know the date of the information more than the page number, because with the sciences of all kinds, the date of the information you are quoting is most important. You want the most recent information you can get—not something from the 1950s in these types of papers (unlike the humanities which often use very old texts for a long time).

APA in text citation looks like this:

As the author adds, “If we do not act now, polar bears might be extinct by 1950” (Smith, 2014).

Looking for Essay Examples on the Internet

One of the best ways to make sure you follow the conventions of essay writing is to look for sample essays that are on university writing center websites only. Search a good school’s writing department. They will have reliable samples organized properly and cited correctly.


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