28 Interesting Questions You Can Explore In An Opinion Essay

When you are writing an opinion essay, it is so important to make sure that you give your opinion without being too pushy. You want to express yourself without hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. It is a great idea to choose an interesting topic so that you can write an effective essay. Here are some topics that can help you get an idea of what to write your paper on. Choose the question that you find the most interesting and use your paper to answer it.

  1. Should insurance companies pay for plastic surgery used for cosmetic reasons?
  2. Are there any dental emergencies that insurance shouldn’t cover?
  3. Do you think that we should go to the aid of other countries?
  4. Should we feed the hungry children in other countries when there are hungry children in our own country?
  5. Should there be drug testing in schools?
  6. Are there only certain reasons a women should be able to have an abortion?
  7. Should homework be allowed in schools?
  8. Are standardized tests a waste of time?
  9. Should children have to eat a well-balanced meal through the school at lunch?
  10. Should children start learning another language at a younger age?
  11. Should animal testing be allowed for medical reasons and not cosmetic reasons?
  12. Should anyone be able to own a gun?
  13. Should there be more help for homeless people?
  14. Do men or women make better parents?
  15. Is education more important than experience?
  16. What is one rule that you think should be abolished?
  17. Can a game affect people’s behavior?
  18. Do you think colleges should spend the same amount of money on a library as they would on a sporting arena?
  19. Why is it important to go to museums?
  20. Should students be taught how to be successful at an interview or write an effective resume?
  21. Do you think that keeping animals in zoos is inhumane?
  22. Should parents educate their kids or leave it to the experts?
  23. Since most things can be completed by computers, is it still necessary to learn?
  24. Should only good news be reported unless it is important?
  25. Does technology make life more convenient?
  26. Has technology improved or hindered education?
  27. Should parents be responsible for their child, if they break a law?
  28. What things create a great movie?


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