10 Bad College Essay Topics You Should Avoid

When you are writing an essay for college, there are some topics that you really should avoid. They will just not work well for this type of paper. They may work well in other situations but not as a college essay. These topics include:

The Ten Bad College Essay Topics

  1. Topics that you are not interested in
  2. If the topic bores you and you don’t have to write about it, then skip it. It is very difficult to write an essay about a topic that you are not interested in.

  3. Topics that are too broad in nature
  4. You don’t want to write about a topic that has way too much information because it will make it really hard to narrow it down into a succinct thesis.

  5. References to times when you were vulnerable.
  6. It is great to be honest with yourself but his is the wrong time to talk about a bad experience you had with an old boyfriend.

  7. A paper trying to show your comedic side
  8. This is not the time for humor. You should write on a serious topic. It should show your intelligence and not your humor.

  9. Politics
  10. You should not use these papers to explain your political view. Don’t write about a senator that you want to vote for.

  11. Your problems
  12. Even if you are having some real issues, this is not the time to express them in your writing. Don’t use it as a time to talk about “poor you”.

  13. Derogatory topics
  14. Your writing should not put down any nationality, religion, or any other aspect involving a personal belief. You are welcome to your opinion but you shouldn’t write about it in one of these papers.

  15. An agenda
  16. You wouldn’t want to write a paper on an agenda. Don’t write on a topic just to prove a point.

  17. Homage to yourself
  18. It is good to try and promote yourself but don’t go overboard and come across as an arrogant person.

  19. Incarceration
  20. You should never write about your time in jail. There is really no need to bring that up. Those days are past you and you are headed for a bright future.

You can really mess up your chances by choosing one of these unsuccessful topics. It could crumble your chances of getting into a school.


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