The Ultimate Guide To Essay Writing: Learning The Essentials

Great essays stand apart from just plain writing. Great writing not only discusses a given topic, great writing embraces, relishes, and celebrates its topic.

All papers have four basic components but each of those components is written so well that it becomes an artistic whole. All essays have great introductions that make the reader want to jump right into the paper. They get the reader so excited that they cannot wait to read more. All essays also have to have a thesis statement that tells the reader exactly what the essay is striving to accomplish. Third, all essays prove that thesis through providing lots of evidence that the thesis is actually true. And lastly, you want that conclusion to really resonate in the mind and ear of that reader. I will tell you how to do all of these things or more in my discussion.

Writing Great Introductions

Writing great introductions is all about whisking the reader into the paper with a great first sentence that makes the reader want to read more. Pick a great title, first. Really make the reader want to read your paper. If you’re doing a paper on how dolphins communicate, for example, make your title so interesting the reader cannot wait to read more. “Did You Know That Dolphins Talk More Than People?” for example. Then your paper could explore scientists’ findings on how dolphins really communicate.

You Have To Have An Informed Thesis Statement

Next, you HAVE to have a THESIS Statement – there are no exceptions to this rule. All good papers have to have a statement which says something to the effect of “In this essay, I will explore facets of dolphin communication and intelligence.” The thesis tells the reader exactly what to expect from the paper.

Second, Evidence Paragraphs Really Provide Evidence

Evidence paragraphs provide strong evidence that your thesis statements are really true. Each evidence paragraph would have a topic sentence something like “Another interesting facet of dolphin communication is that . . . “ and then you could discuss aspects of dolphin communication. Once you finish your paper, you might want to work on revising these more predictable topic sentences out and write something more original.

Write A Great Conclusion

Great conclusions end your essay by saying some things that will really make the reader ponder the subject further. “Recent studies report that dolphins are even smarter than apes. In fact . . “


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