A List Of Informative Essay Topics For Elementary School Students

An informative essay is a common assignment for elementary school students. Unlike other essay types, this style of writing does not require a thesis statement or an argument. Instead, the informative essay is intended to portray a specific person, place or topic. It includes relevant information and can even have a biographical tone to it.

To get started on this style of writing, students need to first choose a topic. Students should select a topic that they are interested in, and they should also look for a topic that is fairly easy to research. The following list of informative essay topics is intended to help elementary students get a head start on their assignment.

Informative Essay Topics for Elementary School Classes

  1. Life During the Great Depression
  2. How Volleyball Works
  3. The Impact of Nasil Yazilir
  4. Becoming a Vegetarian
  5. What Is a Computer Virus?
  6. How a Yo-Yo Works
  7. The Sinking of the Titanic
  8. The Great Wall of China
  9. The Holocaust and World War II
  10. The Dangers of Tanning
  11. How to Play Tennis
  12. The History of Snowboarding
  13. Basic Guide to the History and Rules of Ultimate Frisbee
  14. What Is a Puppy Mill?
  15. Dealing With Stress
  16. The Creation of the Game of Soccer
  17. The Civil Rights Movement and Racism
  18. Switching to Healthy Foods: Obesity and School Lunches
  19. What It Means to Be Poor
  20. What Makes a School a School?
  21. The Problems Caused by Bullies in Elementary Schools
  22. The Benefits of Recycling
  23. What Is Plastic Surgery?
  24. The Food Pyramid and Nutritious Eating Habits
  25. Techniques for Dealing With Peer Pressure
  26. The Life and Times of George Washington
  27. The Making of a Black Hole
  28. Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War
  29. The History of the Christmas Tree
  30. The Story Behind Halloween
  31. What Is Sown Syndrome?
  32. From Coffee Beans to a Cup of Joe: How Coffee Is Made

Students can use the previous list of ideas to help come up with a topic for their own writing. Each idea that is included on this list can be modified or adjusted to suit the student's English class. Sometimes, the best ideas are thought of by the student alone. To do this, students should sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil. Once the student has thought of the perfect topic, they can begin researching and writing the informative essay. For the best grade on the assignment, students should also make sure that they thoroughly edit their work before they turn it in to the teacher.


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