Useful Advice on Where to Look for an MBA Essay Sample

Experienced academic writers have long credited their success to learning by example. It’s been a technique that has been used for hundreds of years, so why not employ the same technique when you are about to write an MBA essay. There are plenty of places where you can find well-written sample copies, and here’s some useful advice on where to look:

Online Academic Essay Writing Agencies

Today, MBA students regularly seek assistance from online academic essay writing agencies. Whether it’s to generate topic ideas, review work, edit work, or have original work written, professional essay writing agencies are students’ best friends. Find an agency that specializes in graduate and post graduate-level MBA paper writing. Submit the details of your assignment and expect to receive a well-written document delivered directly to you within a matter of days. Order multiple papers or longer works to enjoy even greater discounts throughout the semester.

Freelance Writers with Business Experience

Similar to the professional services from above, freelance writers are excellent choices when it comes to purchasing original work to use as examples. Post the details of your project on a freelancing website and ask for people to submit their proposals. You will have the opportunity to review each proposals, profiles and portfolios of past work. You can negotiate a rate and even receive discounts for ongoing work.

Published Essays in Academic Journals

As an MBA student you probably already spend several hours in the library reading through dozens of journals conducting research. Well, why not use some of the articles and essays in these journals as sample pieces when creating your own assignment. The material published should be of the highest quality so you can be confident that you will be learning from writing styles and formatting that have already been peer reviewed and accepted by leading business editors and researchers.

Online Community Discussion Forum

You’ve probably heard that as a graduate student you should use whatever resource becomes available to you. The online community is an excellent place to network with other students and business professionals to exchange ideas and resources. Post a request for a sample on a discussion forum or chatroom and you should receive a number of responses within a few days. Be sure to state that you are only in need of the sample for reference so that community members will be more comfortable sharing their work.


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