A List Of The Most Outstanding Essay Topics For Orwell’s 1984

In 1949, novelist George Orwell wrote about the future and Big Brother. Orwell thought that the British style of government, democracy would not survive the turmoil of World War II. The genre of the noel is dystopian, a society with extremes and distortions from the norm. Most students are assigned to read the novel at some point in their academic career. This means you will either have to write a composition or complete a project on the novel. If you are allowed to select your own title for your 1984 composition, consider some of our topics listed below.

Topic Ideas

  • Compare Oceania and any country currently experiencing distress or turmoil.
  • Do a character description of Winston Smith.
  • Make a paper that analyzes things that were written about in the novel that have actually come true.
  • Explore the colors and lack of colors sued in the novel and what they symbolize.
  • Discuss the book and its dystopian characteristics.
  • Compare the novel with the essay called “The Lion and the Unicorn”.
  • Is the FBI and CIA a form of Big Brother? Make sure to talk about freedom and security and how they impact each other.
  • Discuss the novel and its history of being banned in certain areas.
  • Discuss socialism and the novel.
  • Compare the technology of 1984 and the technology of 2015.
  • Is 1984 a love story? Support your opinion.
  • Write a character description of Julia. Or compare and contrast Julia in an essay.
  • Discuss propaganda in the novel and the role it plays in moving the plot.
  • Discuss the literary devices used in the story.
  • Describe the conflicts and how they move the story to a resolution.
  • Describe the setting of the story.
  • Explore animals, especially rats, in the novel.
  • Consider the reasoning for the characters’ names.
  • A biography on George Orwell and his political beliefs would be interesting.
  • The times and war as it impacted George Orwell.
  • Compare 1984 to another dystopian novel such as Mockingbird or Catching Fire.

Once you have selected the perfect title, you will want to create a thesis statement. After making your thesis statement, then you can construct a detailed outline for guidance. Because this composition is about a novel, you will want to use some literary critical analysis essays for support. Your school library should have several different critical analysis essay books or you can search for them at an academic database.


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