A List Of Outstanding Exploratory Essay Topics On Drinking Age

Students who aren’t experienced with exploratory essay assignments often get them confused with argumentative essays. Rather than write to convince your reader of the validity of your argument or thesis statement, an exploratory essay requires you to think critically as you explore a problem and attempt to provide a conclusion about how it might be solved. When writing an exploratory essay on a topic like the legal drinking age, you’d first identify an issue and provide a well-though solution to a given sub-topic. Here are some topics to consider:

  1. Do you think the drinking age should be lowered? What would be some of the positives and negatives of doing this? Consider death rates and health rates.
  2. What are the differences and similarities in law and culture between different countries in the way that they deal with alcohol? Do cultures fair better in preventing abuse of alcohol when the substance is introduced earlier in a teen’s life?
  3. Is underage drinking a societal, health or educational problem? What reasons does the government have for setting two different ages for assuming responsibility (i.e., voting age and age when one can purchase alcohol)?
  4. How does modern politics affect the way consideration for this issue is affected in one way or another? Are both major parties in agreement when it comes to the current policy or do disagree with specific components of the law?
  5. What do historical changes in the way the drinking age has come to be known today in the U.S.? Do you see a pattern that can be either challenged or embraced by future generations? Who should control policy the states or the federal government?
  6. What kind of challenges do you find with strict laws regarding teenagers and alcohol when questions of culture or tradition arise?
  7. Why have programs aimed to minimize the abuse of alcohol by teenagers failed in the last twenty years? What needs to change to make these programs more effective?
  8. In the U.S., citizens can vote the moment they turn 18 years of age, yet the federal drinking age has not been in serious consideration for being altered, either raised or lowered, in any way. What does this say about how Americans between 18 and 21 feel about the subject?
  9. Should parents continue to be held liable for illegal underage drinking? Should teenagers assume more personal responsibility and face tougher penalties for breaking the law?


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