Key Things to Pay Attention to Writing an Othello Analysis Essay

If you are writing an Othello analysis essay, there are a few things to which you must pay attention.

When analyzing Othello, you can analyze:

  • The different character developments
  • The nature by which love and military heroism are incompatible
  • How dangerous isolation is
  • The relationship between sight and blindness
  • The symbolic nature of plants, animals, or demons
  • The representation of the handkerchief
  • What the song “willow” signifies

Conversely, you can analyze a specific literary tactic used or an individual character in Othello and those will work just fine.

  • After you have selected a topic, it is time to prepare an outline. You should start every essay you write with an outline. Having an outline is the key to having a well-organized and effective essay. It is hard to organize a paper without an outline, because you spend most of your time scrolling back and forth in a dizzying fashion trying to determine where you should cut and paste. Once you have done your outline, you can of course make changes to the outline based on new research or additional findings, and easily incorporate the same changes into the first draft when the time comes. Once you have completed your outline, it might behoove you to run it by your teacher and see what they think. If they approve the outline, that means your organization is great and you are well on your way to finishing a great paper.
  • Whenever you present a claim, you need to have strong evidence to back it up. Never make a claim in your paper without evidence. This can be in the form of empirical data, logical anecdotes, quotes or passages from the book or poem, or expert opinions.

When you are done writing the introduction, incorporate your thesis statement in a clear fashion. You want to organize the essay around the thesis and make sure that whenever you present evidence in your body that it reverts back to the thesis. You can even incorporate language from the topic sentences in your body into the thesis or introduction. Make sure that you present the arguments within the body of your paper in the same order that they were listed in your introduction. Never add ideas that are unrelated to the thesis in your introduction, as this will only cloud it and cause the thesis to be unclear.


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