How To Write A Successful Psychology Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay assists the reader to decide between the two options based on his taste and on the fact as in which part is more influential and how much weight it holds in influencing the audience. Here, similarities and the differences are cited between both the ideas. Sometimes it is written to foster critical thinking skills of the students and sometimes to assist the audience to assess the topic in terms of any particular context. For example choosing for a political candidate.

How to write-

  • Introduction and Thesis: Introductory part covers the chief points. Discuss the reasons of writing the contrast and compare essay along with the chief thesis statement. Write an overview of primary similarities and functional differences between the two items along with the significance of both.
  • Comparison segment: First of all compare both the areas with descriptive details along with the key similarities. Illustrate your points well. For example when you are comparing a psychology Major and a Sociology Major, write how the two degree plans are alike. You can state University student handbook examples here. Consequently you can make a comparative view of the courses in each of the majors carried out during various years of the degree programs.
  • Contrast segment: Earlier you cited the similarities, now in contrast section you need to explain the significant differences between both the columns. Here , write the actual examples offering sufficient details so that audience can extract the logic in your essay. While explaining the examples, illustrate the differences between objectives of both the programs. It could be- Psychology programs assists the students with a master’s degree in making analytical studies and counseling whereas Sociology degrees are geared for offering a PhD where students carry their research work.
  • Draw conclusion at the end: Here, you need to summarize the chief similarities and the differences citing their importance in terms of audience’s decision. If you are asked to come to a conclusion, offer a strong justifiable statement supporting your decision with proper evidences in your essay.

Follow PEC system-

  • Elaborate your evaluation in points. Explain the relevance of all the points in terms of why and how. Talk about the negative consequences and positive implications of the study conducted.
  • Before you start writing, have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the subject. Recognize, remember and think critically in terms of theoretical perspectives. Your writing should be precise and succinct with proper paragraphs, grammar, sentence structure and spellings. Your cited sources should be referenced accurately based on the APA guidelines. Writing procedures and various findings exhibit your knowledge and understanding.


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