Basic Cause and Effect Essay Writing Instructions You Should Follow

A cause and effect essay is written about how things happen and what the results of these things are. It is a relationship between two events where one caused the other and the second is a direct effect of the first. This is a great way for a student to work on discussing their ideas in an organized fashion. There are events that happen together. This essay aims at those where one is the direct result of the other.

There are some basic writing instructions that you should follow when writing a cause and effect essay. They will help to ensure that you write this type of paper effectively.

  1. Topic

    The first step can be a little challenging. You have to find a topic to write about where one event caused the other. For example, there was a drought this year, so the crops failed. The crops failing was a direct result of the fact that there was a drought this year. The drought was the cause and the crops failing was the effect. If you have an effect with multiple causes, you would want to include all of these causes in your paper. If you have a cause with multiple effects, be sure to include all of the effects in your paper.

  2. Thesis statement

    Your thesis statement is the central theme of your paper. It is what you are writing your paper on. For example, “Because of this year’s drought, the crops failed and the price of produce increased”.

  3. Outline

    Back up your thesis with some solid evidence. Make sure to organize your ideas so that you present them in a logical order. You can list them in chronological order, order of importance, or by category. There should be some thought put behind how you present your evidence and the order in which you present it. Write your outline in complete sentences. This will make it easier to convert your outline to your rough draft.

  4. Transitional phrases

    To help your paper flow, you should use transitional phrases. They will help your reader know that you are moving to a new topic. You can use them at the beginning and the end of each paragraph or at the beginning and the end of each paragraph.

These tips will help you write a successful cause and effect essay.


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