Writing an Essay on Macbeth: How to Make Your Paper Look Better

“Stars, hide your fires. Let not light see my black and deep desires.” One of the most famous lines from Macbeth, this quote is said by Macbeth in the first act. For essay writers out there, it is an indication of his intent, complicity and recognition of guilt—as well as one of Shakespeare's most poetic lines. Before you get started on your Macbeth essay, review the following tips for making your essay look the best.

Everything is an Argument

To be honest, everything is not an argument, but your essay is. In the introduction to your essay, you will lay out an argument that will be developed and elaborated on during the remainder of the essay. The end of your paper will have a conclusion that summarizes this argument. For a Macbeth essay, your argument must be supported by the entire play. Basically, no one should be able to point out examples where your argument clearly does not work in the remainder of Macbeth.

Likewise, each part of your argument must make sense in the context of history. You could not, for example, write an essay about Macbeth being a metaphor for the fight for power by Mussolini. It would not make sense for a person, event or idea from the future to influence the writing of Macbeth.

Making a Thesis

One of the most common problems with an essay is a lack of an argument. Some students write a thesis that just restates proven facts. For a thesis to work, it must have an argument or an opinion that you seek to prove. If the thesis has already be proved incontrovertibly, it is not a thesis any longer. In addition, you should make sure that there is enough proof within Macbeth to support your thesis. If the thesis does not have evidence to prove or disprove it, your essay will not be a strong one.

Background Information is Generally Unnecessary

In most essays, you need to provide background details and information for your argument. This is not the case in an essay about Macbeth. You can basically be assured that anyone who is reading your essay is already familiar with the story of Macbeth. Due to this, students should never waste time explaining plot lines, underlying meanings or any other information that is not directly related to their argument. All you need to do is focus on fully developing your thesis. If you can marshal a strong argument, you will be able to have a better paper and a higher grade.


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