Composing An Essay On Why Books Are Better Than TV

The process of composing an essay is the same no matter what your subject matter might be. There is a certain order in writing your article and as long as you follow these guidelines, you will be successful.

  1. A good part of your work is done because you have been assigned your thesis statement. Now you have to create your essay with this part already done. You need to write an essay on why books are better than TV.
  2. Now that you know your topic, you need to do effective research so you can provide facts backing the statement that books are better than TV. Make sure you get creative with your research. Don’t just use the internet and reference material. Try to find other information streams such as newspaper articles, magazines and videos. You may be able to interview a librarian or someone that feels strongly that books are better than TV. Try to keep all of your notes organized. As you are researching, your main points are forming in your brain so you can use them as an organizational tool. Sometimes, index cards are a good way to keep things organized and at your fingertips when needed.
  3. Creating an outline is the next and extremely important step. Many people want to just skip this step because they feel it is unnecessary. It is essential to a good flowing, coherent essay to have an outline. Your outline should have your topic sentence followed by the main points you are going to use to back up your thesis statement. Under each of the main points, you should have notes on the details you are going to provide to substantiate your main points. The outline will assure you of not leaving anything important out and it will help you keep your essay flowing in the right direction.
  4. Create your rough draft – Using your outline as a road map, write your rough draft. If you follow your outline, you will be able to write your essay thoroughly and accurately.
  5. Have someone read over your rough draft – This will make sure your essay makes sense and they also can add some advice to make it better. After they give you their input, you can make the necessary edits and create your final draft.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to write a great research paper that you will be proud to hand in to your professor.


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