Creating An Essay On Why Democracy Is Better Than Dictatorship

There are two forms of government, democracy or dictatorship. While there is no doubt that a democratic option is the best form of government, each of these forms of government has its own pros and cons. These can form a good topic for writing your essay.

Pros of a democracy

Theoretically, democracy is a government for the people rather than a government for an individual or a particular class of people. This form of government gives the citizen a say in the running of their country. It offers a feeling of responsibility and importance. This government therefore offers its citizen a meaning to their personality. One more benefit of a democracy is that revolutions are less likely as compared to a dictatorship. Since the government is voted by the people, there is no need to carry out a revolution.

This is on top of the fact that citizens of a democracy are given the freedom of speech and thought. The twofold freedom can be quite useful as it enables people to grow in a free manner. Therefore, this form of government offers the individual an opportunity to develop people’s personality.


It is worth noting that democracies have their share of cons. One of these is the rule of ignorance. If the citizens of the country are not intelligent enough, they are likely to commit errors when voting. This means that even in a democracy, the best men may not necessarily be the rulers. This is particularly the case because elections involve a lot of propaganda. Democratic government also lack in terms of efficiency. This form of government can also be slow moving as everything has to be subjected to legislation.

Pros of dictatorship

One advantage of a dictatorship is that it is the only mode of government that can be effective in times of war, The dictator does what he wants. When a nation is downtrodden, only a dictator can help it rise again. Using heavy punishment and penalties, the dictator can free the country from corruption.


The fact that citizens are oppressed in a dictatorship makes it a bad form of government. Dictators also cannot last for long. This is partly because it can be difficult to get a successor the dictator.

When you consider these props and cons of both forms of government, you can see why this is can make a good essay topic.


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