A List Of Original Great Gatsby Essay Topics For High School

Thinking of a good topic for a Great Gatsby essay

If you read the book then there may be various topics that immediately spring to mind that you would like to write about. However, if you’re struggling to think of good ideas then it can be useful to look on various essay writing sites available on the Internet. Alternatively, brainstorming ideas with fellow students can be an excellent way of producing useful ideas to write about.

Highlighting relevant passages to make the writing process easier

When reading the book, then it is a good idea to highlight any parts that are relevant to any themes you may wish to write about. Later on, when it comes to writing the work, it will be far easier to find these relevant passages, thus making the writing process much quicker and simpler.

Using other books and novels in the essay

As well as using the Great Gatsby in your paper, you may wish to consider the possibility of referring to other books and novels, including any that have been written by Fitzgerald. In fact, it is possible to base the title or topic of your paper on a comparison between The Great Gatsby and a different piece of literature.

Some inspirational ideas for Great Gatsby papers

Listed below are just a few ideas that you may wish to consider when writing your own paper. Whilst you may wish to use one of the ideas exactly as it is, you can also make minor adjustments to suit your writing style.

  • Discuss the importance of symbols and symbolism in The Great Gatsby
  • An analysis of the main characters in The Great Gatsby
  • Discuss the autobiographical representations that exist in The Great Gatsby, with reference to Nick and Gatsby
  • Analyse the concept of the American dream in relation to the various themes portrayed in The Great Gatsby
  • What conclusions can be drawn based on the theme of wealth in The Great Gatsby
  • How accurate a depiction was The Great Gatsby based on the era it was set in?
  • Discuss Daisy’s decision to stay with Tom, despite Tom’s faults, and what influenced her decision
  • Analyse and similarities and differences between the characters of Tom and Gatsby
  • Based on your own interpretations, how effectively does Nick narrate the novel?
  • Highlight any key points that can be used to define why Gatsby is considered to be “great”


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