Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

When you take a basic writing class at the college level, your instructor will assign several different types of writing. You will learn how to write persuasive essays, narrative essays, and informational essays. You will also get more practice on argumentative writing. In writing courses, the instructors usually allow their students to craft their essays about topics they get to choose. This is a blessing, because you can pick what you want, but it is also a curse because there are so many topics that could be interesting. If you have difficulty choosing argumentative topics, here are a few that you could choose:

Relationship Topics:

  • Should girls be able to ask boys out on dates?
  • Should feminists be able to share their beliefs?
  • Should married couples take separate vacations?
  • Should men be able to cry in public?
  • Is humor the best way to solve problems?
  • Is technology changing the way that teens solve relationship conflicts?
  • Is social media helping people make more, longer-lasting friendships?
  • Why do teens look for alternative social media apps when adults start to use them?

College Life:

  • Should students be forced to sit through lectures?
  • Should lectures be abolished from school curriculum?
  • Should students be forced to take physical education courses?
  • Should students be given options in the cafeteria?
  • How does peer pressure affect the classes students choose?
  • Does social media affect the way that students interact with their instructors?
  • Does poverty affect the way that colleges plan their courses?


  • Should Shakespeare courses be taught to all students?
  • Should all students take courses about Greek mythology?
  • What books should all students read in college?
  • What are the books that define certain literary time periods?
  • Are ebooks the death of paper books?
  • Should students still learn about literature from history or should students take modern literature courses?
  • What is the best way to encourage students to read for entertainment?


  • Should schools still teach handwriting and cursive?
  • Should schools give every student their own personal curriculum?
  • Should schools provide transportation to and from school?
  • Should students be able to go to any school they want?
  • Should colleges rely on the school reports for potential students?
  • Should grades be abolished?
  • Should schools follow the national curriculum?
  • Should schools be in session all year?

The ideas for argumentative research papers are unlimited. There are topics for nearly every subject, from language and business to biology and physics.


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