What are the most frequently used essay topics

Every student writes hundreds of essays during his academic career. Even though these essays are of different types but the topics somewhere stay the same. In a comparison essay for example, most students choose to write about the good and bad impacts of technology on our lives. Another popular topic is to talk about the newly passed laws and projects by the government and compare them to each other. Similarly, if the teacher asks the students to write a descriptive essay, most of them choose to write about their first day in school, or how they celebrated their teen birthdays. Students will have similar ideas because they are passing through the same phase of life and almost experience similar social exposure and domestic issues. Students who have disturbed families tend to talk about it in most of their creative writing assignments. They may write upon domestic violence, child abuse, divorce rates and financial crisis, behavior problems in children with single parents etc. The most common essay topic students choose is talking about a famous leader or legend in the history.

Examples for most frequently used topics

Here are a few examples of the most frequent topics students use in their essays. Most of the times these topics are easy to write on and have much detail available.

  1. How to get over a bad relationship
  2. An insight to the life of Abraham Lincoln (or any other presidents of any country)
  3. What would you do if you were given a chance to be born again and start a new life
  4. What places will you choose to go if you had a chance to travel the world
  5. Is village life better than life in a city? Compare lifestyles in an urban and rural environment
  6. The impacts of technology on our lives
  7. Are sports celebrities paid more than they deserve
  8. The government plans and actions for rising rates of unemployment in the country
  9. Why are divorce rates increasing in developed economies
  10. Who is the most legendary pop artist of all times
  11. What were the causes of World War II
  12. What major changes were seen in the US constitution after the civil rights movement
  13. Is Michael Jackson a legend? What makes him unique as an artist
  14. The most endangered species in the world


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