A List Of Interesting Causes And Effects Essay Topics

In a cause and effect essay, you examine factors that led to certain courses of events. This could pertain to either a situation in your own life, or an issue in the world at large. When you’re planning your essay, you may need to narrow down a larger topic. You can explore all kinds of phenomena in the world, including topics in health, social issues, environmental issues, and more. In your essay, you’ll explore how certain causal factors lead to certain types of effects.

Here’s an example of the general structure of a typical cause and effect essay:

  • Introduction.
  • Description of causes.
  • Description of effects.
  • Explanation of the cause and effect relationship
  • Conclusion

  • The effects of mindset on the immune system
  • Effects of breastfeeding on preventing allergies
  • Effects of music on athletic performance
  • Effects of meditation on mood and mindset
  • Effects of bicycle use on air pollution levels
  • Effects of social media on communication skills
  • Effects of cellphone use on stress levels
  • Effects of divorce rate on rate of depression diagnoses
  • Effects of air pollution on cancer rates
  • Effects of diet on cancer rates
  • Effects of obesity-related disease on average lifespans
  • Effects of divorce on children
  • Causes of divorce
  • Effects of parenting styles on rebellious behavior in children and teenagers
  • Effects of education level on income level
  • Effects of high school coursework on college success
  • Effects of relationship quality on overall physical health
  • Effects of stress on body weight
  • Effects of abstinence-only sex education on teenage sexual behavior
  • Effects of parental overscheduling on childhood stress and mental health
  • Effects of poverty on physical and mental health
  • Effects of poor water quality on health
  • Causes of obesity
  • Causes of preventable deaths
  • Effects of driver’s education classes on driver safety and accident rates
  • Possible causes of growing rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis
  • Effects of access to dental care on lifelong dental health
  • Effects of last-minute studying on exam performance
  • Effects of poverty on lifespan
  • Environmental effects of bottled water
  • Effects of tap water consumption on health
  • Effects of water fluoridation on dental health
  • Effects of noise pollution on individual stress levels and mental health
  • Effects of digital media formats on CD and DVD usage and sales.
  • Effects of family life factors on high school dropout rates

These are only a few of the many topics that you can consider for your cause and effect essay. For best results, you should choose a topic that you’re generally interested in. When you’re interested in the subject matter, your paper will be easier to research and write, and you’ll produce better quality work.


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