A List of Topic Suggestions for Your Next Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essays rely on a very simple format. The most difficult part can be selecting your topic. Remember, that papers using extreme opposites usually make for the best papers, especially when you can find a few similarities even though they topics are polar opposites. As with all of your writing, if you can find a topic that interests you, then you will enjoy the writing process more and probably make a much better grade on the paper.

Amazing Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays in Different Academic Subjects

  • History
    • Presidents Kennedy and Nixon
    • Any two presidents
    • Two great kings or queens
    • Two wars in the same country
    • Two political parties
    • Two amendments
    • Two Civil Rights’ leaders
    • Two major acts of terrorism
  • Science
    • Two natural disasters
    • Two man made or created disasters
    • Two environmental concerns
    • Two animals
    • Two pollution concerns
    • Two medical accomplishments
    • Two scientists
    • Two doctors
  • Literature
    • Writers from different time periods with similar styles
    • Similar themes but in different work
    • Two fiction authors
    • The greatest satirists
    • Shakespeare and another playwright
    • Romantic poets
    • Hemingway and Orwell
    • Two dystopian writers
    • Lenny and Charlie
  • Math
    • Two concepts
    • Two different math fields
    • Two great mathematicians
    • Math in two different careers
    • Math that changed the world
    • Math in the kitchen and in another room in the house
    • Wrong mathematical concepts from the past compared to correct ideas from modern times
  • Technology
    • Different social media sites
    • Technology and inventions
    • People who have made great changes and advancements in technology
  • Education
    • Two philosophies of education
    • Ipad and laptop schools
    • Common cores-for and against them
    • Year round and nine month school
    • Charter schools and traditional schools
  • Foreign Language
    • Two languages
    • The origin of two languages
    • An ancient language and a modern language
    • The nuances of language and when those are similar in different languages

If you are given the chance to pick your field, you can also look at trending topics and current celebrities. If you look at newspapers, magazines, and social media sites you will find many title choices. You can compares and contrast athletes, sports, singers, politicians, political views, philosophies on handguns, terrorism and different methods to control in, and those pro ad anti police. Whether your topic is strictly academic based or modern culture and happenings, you will find these topics can help you to write the perfect paper.


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