Basic Rules For Writing A Top-Grade Short Essay

Essay writing is one of the important parts of any curriculum. As a student, you may be given different kinds of writings, narrative, argumentative or opinion. Sometimes you may be given a long article to write, where you can elaborately write by including many points. Sometimes you may be told to include all your information in a short write-up. It becomes really problematic for a student to come up with a short write-up because he/she cannot make up their mind about what to include and what to leave out.

You should be remembered that the basic guideline for both the types is same, the only difference is in length. Where the long piece of the article can be three to four pages long, a short version of the same may be one and a half page long. And, it is normally an interesting topic you need to write. Often you may face a problem with the points you need to include in the writing, and in certain cases you may face a problem with the outline of the write-up. If you face a problem with any of these, you can always seek professional assistance from the websites about how to write.

Rules to write a short piece of article:

  • The main parts are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction and the conclusion shall be only one paragraph long while the numbers of paragraphs of the body depend on the theme of the topic. If the topic is a bit difficult and complicated, then you will need at least three to four paragraphs, and if the theme is simple and narrow, you can easily include all the major points within two paragraphs.
  • Since the genre is short, you must think of an interesting introduction that will easily attract the reader’s attention. Since the introduction shall be strong, write in short but yet in an interesting way about why are you writing this topic?
  • In the body part, provide as many as evidence you get regarding the topic. Make sure you provide the supporting paragraph sequentially so that it makes sense. The strongest argument shall be kept at first while the weakest argument must come next.
  • Wrap up with a solid conclusion by summarising all the details in one paragraph. It should be clear proof that you were totally in control of what you wrote, and the readers must feel that they have learnt something new from your writing.

These are the basic formats that you must follow while writing a short composition.


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