How To Ace Your School Essay On A Book: Practical Tips

When authors write books, they do not do it in a rush. There is a lot of planning; invention, foresight; magic and automation involved, not to mention research and analysis. Thus, when you are about to write an essay on a book, you should ideally inculcate all these qualities –

Here are some of the practical steps you may take to ace your case –

  • Go through the book – You cannot write a substantial critique without reading the book per se. You should be aware of the critical junctures; the sequential progression and the standing motif of the book; also its emphatic essence. Go through the work with clarity and heart.
  • Chalk out tone and diction – Tone and diction are the main reference points on which books are recommended or refuted. Eve good books are not satisfactory if they are largely hypothetical or confusing. The operative word here is affirmative.
  • Go through other critiques – You should take precious note of what other have to say about the book. Glean the positives from the assertions. This will help in a unique synthesis of perspectives.
  • Read between the lines – Try and analyze what the writer wishes to convey in the deeper layers of the book. It may be a new totem or a hint at the current sociological status conveyed through innovations (e.g. superstitions). Yes, it comes with practice. Develop the art of reading.
  • Subtlety – Your piece should hold back information to be betrayed at crucial junctures. Regarding the main motif, you should relate to it directly; in the introduction. You should also be subtle enough to analogize the writing style with others in different segments.
  • Devising hope – You should be clear about the area in which the book may be immensely help to readers. It may offer solution to a trodden section. It may teach to take things in a confident and easy manner. More importantly, it my offer hope to all and sundry.
  • Structured paragraphs – Keep your essay constricted to 5 paragraphs and ensure that all paragraphs have a pleasing structure. Writing an immensely long paragraph and juxtaposing it with a short one doesn’t leave a sweet taste to the reader’s palate.

Read and write

You should ingratiate the habit of critiquing seasoned books and plays (Shakespeare, Dickens, Hardy et al). You should also go through mercurial critiques of eminent works. You will be a lot richer through careful reading than by hollow talks. Also, it helps to hold talks with learned people around you.


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