Tips And Tricks On How To Write A Good Essay Introduction

When writing essays, one must realize that they are writing for the intelligent but uninformed audience. It is, therefore, important if you begin with some context by giving the background of the topic, scope and all the essential definitions. This is so because the introductory part of the essay acts as a map for the readers by presenting a thesis statement. It, therefore, means that the initial section will address what the essay is going to discuss, why it is important and how your points are going to be argued. For you to make the reader understand the purpose, and how the points will be discussed, it is imperative that you do the following:

Make an Outline

If you have so much information to present, it is important that you avoid confusion by making an outline. This is also important in helping the writer in building some steam before they give a thesis statement.

Think on the Topic

In as much as you know the topic you will be writing about, for an attractive introduction, as the writer, think of the best angle in which you will relay the information. Think of the most suitable and interesting questions that the introduction must answer to attract the readers of the essay. You must, therefore, ensure that the thesis comes before you start writing the introduction to assist in saving the introduction for the last. And most importantly, the writer must understand that the thesis is not any fact but an assertion or observation that has been made. While writing the thesis statement, start from a broad view but ensure you narrow it until it is directed to the point of addressing a particular topic question.

Make Major Definitions

Defining some of the important terms is necessary for making a great introduction. As a writer, it is important that you let your readers be aware of the conditions the paper will be using.

Think of the readers and the Structure

Powerful introductions will always mind their audience, it will give them an overview of the upcoming paragraphs. The writer must ensure that the introductory part outlines the major points of the essay on its way to a conclusion. In the same way, this section must contain some of the particular words that the readers will be interested in. Having identified the audience to address, the introduction must ensure all the phrases used at the opening is meant for the audience.


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