The 15 Most Interesting Ideas For A Descriptive Essay

The first thing that you need to know about choosing a descriptive essay topic, is what a descriptive essay is, and what it should do. A descriptive paper is pretty much what it sounds like—a detailed description of a person, place, thing, or event. The topic is generally a noun, but it can also be a verb—the act of doing something. The goal of a descriptive paper is to get your reader to see the thing, the noun or verb, in a detailed and specific way. Not only will you be describing the thing—what it looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, sounds like—but you will be trying to get your reader to experience it in a certain way. If you are describing a place that carries a certain emotion or sentiment for you, you should try to impart that emotion to your readers.

Use this list of interesting ideas for descriptive essays as a jumping off point:

  1. Describe your earliest memory
  2. Describe your first regret
  3. Describe a sunset
  4. Describe performing in front of a crowd
  5. Describe your favorite spot in the woods
  6. Describe running a marathon
  7. Describe your childhood bedroom
  8. Describe your bus ride home
  9. Describe a family heirloom
  10. Describe your favorite childhood stuffed animal
  11. Describe the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated
  12. Describe a winning play of your favorite sports team
  13. Describe a flower
  14. Describe a river
  15. Describe a person you love

Notice that each of these topics leave it wide open what you could describe about the thing or the event. They also give you a lot of room with the point of view from which you would describe it from—if you are writing about an experience you had, consider writing it from a point of view other than your own. For instance, you could write about that experience from the point of view of an inanimate object in the room. This kind of creativity in a descriptive essay is what will bring yours to the next level, making it truly interesting and unique.

You can use the topics listed above either how they are, or you can use them as a jumping off point and create your own topic. Either way, try to think about your topic in a new way to allow your reader to see it in a new way.


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