The Top 25 Most Interesting Essay Topics On History

History teaches us, and it teaches us a lot. It is said that fools learn from their own mistakes, wise men from those of other. The study of history, thus, serves to guide us to a better path. The following is a short list of interesting topics for developing an essay on history:

  1. The origins and significance behind the United States being called the land of opportunity.
  2. The implications of Puritanism on the contemporary culture of the United States.
  3. The conditions of the union soldiers during the American Civil War, and the medical treatment practices at operation.
  4. The range and scope of the constitution of the United States: A few ambiguous interpretations of the constitution by the United States Supreme Court.
  5. The true causes that led to the outbreak of the revolutionary war in the United States: An economic catalyzing driving force.
  6. The reasons for the United States to incorporate policies of non-involvement during and after the initial commencement of the Second World War.
  7. The causes and events that led to the occurrence of the Vietnam War: A detailed study to investigate the justification for the war.
  8. The changes in society and culture of the Unite States social fabric since the time of beginning of the Cold War to the current day.
  9. A story of the United States: How the United States emerged as a globally predominant power that is expected to police global crises.
  10. A brief history of the construction of China: How military conquests led to the unification of what was at one point an area of conflicting and warring tribes.
  11. The great thinks of the ancient Persian Empire: How the Persian Empire catered and fostered scientific endeavors.
  12. The rise and fall of communist ideology in Russia: An account of Russian political scenario between the Bolshevik Revolution and the fall of the former USSR in the 1990s.
  13. A study of Margaret Thatcher’s foreign policies as inspirations from the foreign policies of Churchill.
  14. A philosophical study of the Holocaust’s impact on humanity.
  15. The Indian Revolutionary War: From the perspective of the non non-violent freedom fighters.
  16. The emergence and propagation of epidemic in London since the middle ages.
  17. A study of down under: How Australia was discovered.
  18. A study of ancient Greek cities and their slaves.
  19. The true inventors of algebra and numerals: The ancient Indian mathematicians and thinkers.
  20. The evolution of China as a world power center.
  21. The evolution of clocks.
  22. A study of loss of ancient Indian heritage.
  23. How the Mongols caused several Hindu riches to be lost.
  24. The impact of British colonization of India.
  25. The evolution of medicine over the past 200 years.


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