Top 20 Physics Persuasive Essay Topics Worth Discussing

There are many different topics that you can use when writing an academic paper relating to physics. In fact, there are plenty of different areas of physics that can be worth discussing; however, if you have to write a persuasive paper, then this may have an influence on the particular topic that you wish to pick.

Ultimately, as well as discussing a topic that is related to physics, you will need to pick a title that will enable you to write in an argumentative way, so as to try and persuade the reader about a particular point of view. Therefore, not every topic will be appropriate, as it can be difficult to argue about widely accepted facts.

To give you some idea about various physics topics that you might wish to discuss as part of your persuasive essay, you may wish to read through the topics and titles that have been outlined below.

  1. Max Planck is the most important physicist to have ever lived
  2. Theoretical physicists should be awarded the Nobel Prize for physics more often
  3. Physics is the most important of the scientific subjects
  4. Everybody should study physics as an individual subject while at school
  5. The government should provide more funding for physicists and related scientific research
  6. With a greater understanding of physics, more and more people would abandon religion
  7. Without religion, physics and other scientific subjects would have progressed even further
  8. Space travel is a necessary endeavor that we should do more to fund
  9. Most people do not understand what a scientific theory is and, if they did, they would be less likely to argue with the findings of physicists
  10. More should be done to encourage women to develop careers in the field of physics
  11. Marie Curie is the greatest physicist of all time
  12. Albert Einstein is overrated
  13. Nicholas Copernicus was more important to the future of physics than Galileo
  14. Theoretical physics is more important than experimental physics
  15. Theoretical physicists waste most of the time on pointless theories
  16. Nikola Tesla is the most underrated physicist time
  17. Richard Feynman was the greatest physicist of the 20th century
  18. Stephen Hawking is the greatest living physicist
  19. Stephen Hawking should focus more on events that impact upon our world rather than structures deep in space
  20. Stephen Hawking deserves to win a Nobel Prize


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