Twelve Good Synthesis Essay Topics That Will Catch Your Reader's Attention

Writing a synthesis essay requires critical thinking and gathering relevant information in order to evaluate different works and link them. The writer needs to present a topic or develop a stance and then prove this with strong arguments and valid data. Different students attempt different essays depending upon the requirements they receive from their teachers. It goes without saying that when you are studying a certain subject, you need to write academic papers including term papers, essays, research papers, thesis, dissertations and extended assignments. This is important to score well in your overall grade and for the teacher to evaluate your skills and learning. If the entire class fails a certain chapter or scores well in an assignment, then the teacher will most probably reschedule its lecture.

The most difficult part about writing an essay is the topic selection. This is a critical step as well as takes a lot of time. Sometimes choosing the right topic for your paper can take even a week or a month. Students worry because the rest of their class is already done with their paper while they are still stuck at the topic selection. Do not worry if you are in the same situation. It is okay to spend time on your topic now then to go back and forth in the later phases.

If you are not aware of the structure and tone of the topic you will choose for your synthesis essay then you need to look at example topics to be able to understand the specifications. You need to choose any subject and compose a synthesis essay about it. Below are examples of topics that you can use for your paper.

Interesting topic areas for a synthesis essay

  1. A deep study of the causes of Global warming
  2. Should the ammunition licensing be revised to improve gun control?
  3. Gay marriage
  4. Gender biasness
  5. The advancements in Genetic Engineering
  6. Stereotypes and roles of a certain gender in our social structure
  7. The current education systems and the efficiency of students
  8. Should food manufacturing companies revise their strategies and products to create healthy products
  9. The importance of digital marketing for a business in 2015
  10. A paper about Frankenstein
  11. The role of parents in shaping a kid’s behavior and character
  12. Does injustice breed evil?


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