5 Things You Need To Remember About Custom Essays

Before instructing a writer or writing service to write you a custom essay there are a few things that you need to make sure that are in place and adhered to before you part with your money.

  1. Contact. Do make sure that the company or writer that you are going to work with are who they say they are. Make sure that they are contactable through other channels other than email, look for an address and telephone number. Also make sure that they will provide you with examples of their work and that other customers have been happy with the work they have commissioned the company/writer to produce on their behalf.
  2. The writers. Some writing services, may have very good writers but they may not be experts in the area of your field of study. Check that they have writers that are experts in their area of writing not that they are writers who can write about that area of study. Think about it they are two different things. Also check that the writing service can provide you with a writer whose first language is the same as yours otherwise there may a difference in sentence construction that could mean a lower grade for you.
  3. Custom Essay? Make sure that the paper produce for you is the essay that you requested. Make sure that it is not just a copy of an essay that has been produced as a sample essay on another writing site! It has been known for this to happen so be aware. You will either need a copy of a report from a programme that highlights plagiarised work or you need a guarantee it is original work. You should not need to pay extra for this.
  4. Value for Money. Does your custom paper meet all the requirements that you set out in your instructions? Take the time to read through the custom essay and also check it against your original instructions. Have you got your essay in the time specified? If there is any problem do make the writer or writing service aware of the shortfall.
  5. Remedies and Recourse. This section probably should be read at the beginning and at the end. Make sure in the terms and conditions that if there is a discrepancy of any sort that you are able to get your money back or that they will make good their mistakes.


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