Writing A Strong College Essay

May 10, 2014Posted by Dean Walden


college essay

Writing college essays is very similar to a high school or other essay. All you need to do is have a good plan and an outline for it and you can create a strong essay for college that’s worthy of an A+. Keep reading to learn more about essay writing techniques, how to make a great outline, and stay sane while organizing everything for your essay project. A college essay should be well written but also to the point, and not have any ‘fluff’ or filler words just to make it longer. If you find yourself with an essay that’s too short, do some more research to add in instead of just lengthening a few sentences to get your word count. Additionally you can hire professional essay writers for this purpose.

Outlining a College Essay

December 10, 2014Posted by Melinda Stewards


The first thing you need to do is go over what’s required for this essay. Make a list of everything you need to have, such as an introduction, conclusion, argument paragraphs, thesis, quotes, etc. Once you know what you need to do, you’re better able to start working and get it done faster. Having all of your materials ahead of time will make things go a lot smoother because you won’t have to go looking for something you’ve lost and waste that time. When you’re ready to make your outline, start by writing a brief summary of each section of the essay. Refer to your teacher’s instructions for what sections or paragraphs you need to have. Put some of the preliminary research you’ve done in each section where it will go in the final draft. If you have a quote you want to start or end your essay with, include that here, too.

Make An Outline For Your Essay

May 08, 2014Posted by Lucy Hinder


Now it’s time to get the first draft done. Start by going over your outline again and finding the places that you can expand on your ideas. All it really takes to go from your outline to a finished first draft is filling in each part with more detail about your topic and explaining the relevance of the research you’ve included. Keep going by adding in your thoughts about the topic as well as linking each new concept and quote back to the main idea of your essay. College essays are pretty simple to do; just make sure you’ve got all the sections you need and make them the best that you can.